Hamil Al Musk™, A symbol of Arabic Perfumery Art, is a multi-national company deals in distribution and exports of fragrance and beauty products such as Bukhoor, Perfumes, Essential Oils, Perfume Oils, Attar, Body Cream, Deodorants and so on. Hamil al Musk™ is a genuine effort by a group of investors from Saudi Arabia to help promote Perfumery and beauty products. It started as a small production house of Bukhoor and Oudh in 1981 from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia until Business Partner and General Manager, Mr Nasr A. A. Maqsa and others joined hands with geniuses across the fragrance industry in the gulf region after observing great market demand and growth potential.

The people associated with us and our customers regards us as the olfactory of Perfume Industry. Our ethics, culture, manufacturing genius and finesse with which we serve our clients has led to a huge cult following.



We envision to be recognized as the top most brand of Arabic Perfumery.

We vow our commitment to promote and reach the remotest of the corner of earth to present and showcase the shrinking but not forgotten true magical fragrance and beauty of the Natural oils and perfume oils which took the world by storm when Arabian genius travelled across the world.


We will ensure production and distribution of rare and unique perfumeries created with finesse across the world.

Under western influence and many concoctions later we feel true Arabic culture of rich influence and heavenly touch is losing its charisma and people are fast adopting chemicalized and synthetic perfumes which has absolutely no magical effect as compared to the natural Mukhallats of the Arabia.

We promise to ourselves an undying spirit of constant endeavor to achieve our goal of reviving the Arabian fragrance and spread its beauty to every corner of the earth. As we move ahead in our journey, we vow to carry with us uncompromising ethics and zeal of innovation.

Our experts in manufacturing oudh and masters of mixing different oils to produce unique fragrance every time with its every drop containing within itself ocean of Arabic culture and history.

We will continue our journey undeterred, to read the market needs and develop fragrances as per consumer needs and suitability without compromising on the Arabic roots.


We value Honesty, Hard work and Harmony as the core values of our business.

Our Values is what make us different from profit-mongering, greedy, unethical business practices adopted by others. We value hard work and honest manpower without compromising on the talent and genius. It is the association of the right people that drives us and motivates us. We will continue to strive for excellence no matter how difficult it gets going.

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